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what our diners say.

“…from the moment genial general manager Dan ensures we’re sipping cocktails, it’s clear we’re in for a pretty decent night”.

“We make light work of the tuna chaat and a dreamy, lighter-than air goat’s cheese samosa with an extremely moreish mushroom kofta - a clever take on an arancini.”

“…and decadent lobster and crayfish in a buttery masala sauce so perfect I have to discourage my guest from drinking it…The spot-on chicken maharani was cooked to perfect in the tandoor.” Metro - Gavin Billenness

"...if you are after an extraordinary adventure into Indian cuisine then I suggest you book immediately.”

"From the moment you arrive you feel as though this is no ordinary A La Carte dinner from having to ring a doorbell to enter to being treated to a personal sommelier, eating at VBL is certainly out of the ordinary.”

"Look out for the Raan Uttapam and the Glazed Pork Chop as you make your way through a meal that will have you binning every takeaway menu as soon as you get home" Daily Mail Online – Martha Cliff

“‘We’ve been expecting you Miss Smith’...With a welcome like that, I’m pretty much sold but fortunately that’s just the start of what can only be described as a fabulous evening. The décor is serious #housegoals with tasteful greys and yellows alongside pink salt rock candles and the cutest drinks trolley that we just wanted to take home."

"We began with the mind-bending butter chicken macaron which you half expect to be sweet but of course isn’t, washed down with a shot glass of palette cleansing watermelon ginger sharbat, with such a perfect foam top you almost don’t want to destroy it."

"With many Indian restaurants in London claiming a ‘contemporary’ experience, it’s worth saying this was unlike anything else out there. Vineet Bhatia is genuinely a unique and utterly joyful experience” Stacey Smith - Crummbs

‘’s clear Vineet Bhatia has poured his soul into these four walls”

“…the culinary open-minded would be foolish not to let this spice master guide them through the flavours he grew up with …Don’t be misled, this is not Bombay Café but finessed fine dining with the price tag to prove it.” Anastasia Bernhardt - Country & Town House

“..each of the small, carefully crafted dishes are as refined as the setting, fusing complex flavour combinations that will tease your taste buds to try more”

"Out of three sensational starting dishes, special mention goes to the Amritsari haddock, which is coated in a crispy black squid batter and camouflaged on a bed of black stones. ‘Don’t eat the stones!’ quips the waiter before our forks crack the light, crispy batter to reveal delicately seasoned, melt-in-your-mouth fish."

"Bhatia’s menu is modern, refreshing and unlike any Indian food I’ve tasted before, so expect the unexpected. If you’ve got a special occasion to celebrate or simply fancy sampling some pretty superb Insta-worthy dishes, Vineet Bhatia London won’t disappoint.” Marie Claire - Tracey Nightingale

"At the outset, I must say it was the most creative, tasteful and beautifully presented Indian food we both had ever experienced. I found the presentation and plating to be pure artistry."

"Suffice it to say that Vineet and Rashima Bhatia achieve their aim in cooking "an evolved version of Indian cuisine". The Experience is joy- a creative triumph and a tasty one, too. This is a fabulous place for a very special meal in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.” The Lady - Mel Robinson

“Bhatia’s greatest innovation is to dispense with the a la carte menu entirely in favour of a perfectly paced tasting menu... This is not your typical Indian restaurant. The wines are all unusual and delicious and you will leave here feeling replete, in every sense. And the friendly and supremely knowledgeable staff keep the atmosphere light and entirely unstuffy"     The Resident

"Dishes are deliciously nuanced and ideas bountiful; it is like being in the Indian version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Bhatia is a true food inventor"     Harpers Bazaar

"When I say restaurant, I actually mean awe-inspiringly wondrous adventure heaven, because this place – and the eight other ventures they have on the go - is seriously incredible."

"This is next level theatrical cooking”

"Effortlessly cool, reassuringly scrumptious. At first glance, the duck korma appears heavy. Not so. This delicate and creamy meat has been smothered lovingly in a super-mild sauce. Fresh, brilliant."

"I am not often completely blown away by every aspect of a dining experience, but I am here, and I beg you to pop along to this place at least once – soon – to be entwined in its fairy-tale web, too.” Timmy Coles-Liddle – Nine Concierge

"Vineet Bhatia and his wife Rashima are a formidable duo – at least when it comes to running this incredible venture.”

"Imagine the experience as akin to attending a classical concert, and hearing the movements blend into each other in perfect harmony rather than listening to random scores, and you’ll get an idea of the effect."

"This isn’t about simply eating a meal – it’s an appreciation of flavours, textures, styles, and most of all passion – a passion for the Indian food that has shaped the lives of the two patrons. And therefore, the overall feeling is one of extreme privilege to be invited into such an intimate part of someone’s history – and I can’t think of a happier way to end a dining experience." The Business of Everything

By reservation only, a visit to this shrine to Indian cuisine (VBL) is more like dining at an, albeit very talented, friend’s house. You ring the bell to gain entry, you’re welcomed in and treated to a series of culinary gems, each presented as a work of art: there’s no à la carte. Clare Hogg – Saucey Dressings

"Set aside your preconceptions of Indian food with an inspired tasting menu that breaks all the rules”

"It's all a magnificent symphony.”

"We smiled too, and kept smiling all the way to the end of the meal” Holden Frith – The Week

"The pleasant Victorian living room in which we found ourselves had an air of gentility and pride"

"But the glazed pork chop was the star of the show... We were suitably awed by the sweetness and the incredible softness of the meat – I longed to scream, ‘Encore’."

"The chocolate gulab jamun, a slow-roasted syrupy ball, stole my heart with its nectary crunch, while the meringue-covered clementine kulfi (Indian ice-cream) flirted with my tastebuds."

"I’d argue however, that Bhatia is no Ghandi of curry, but more Salvador Dali with his misshapen but captivating craft. Lewis Carroll also springs to mind: at any rate this is a glorious re-imagination of the best of Indian cuisine - an Indian wonderland, if you like.” Rasika Sittaparam – Spear’s

"What you do get is cooking that’s as startlingly inventive as ever, from Bhatia classics such as tandoori smoked salmon, or chocolate samosa, to freshly minted creations that reclaim for Bhatia the mantle of Indian food pioneer"     Square Meal

“From the moment the lime soup and smoked prawn chaat canapés are delivered, you’re duly informed that you’re in the heart of a modern Indian restaurant”.

“The start of the show is the menu’s most unfussy dish: patiala chicken…it’s simply a bowl of curry that’s bursting with basic brilliance”.  Food and Travel Magazine

"This is cooking that is quite unlike anything else you will find in London, delivering combinations of originality and complexity that keep the senses alert rather than overwhelmed"     The Telegraph

"That’s what I liked about Vineet Bhatia London – there’s the right amount of silliness and flamboyant presentation but the flavour of everything, surely the most important thing, is top notch. Would we go back? Yes"     Samphire & Salsify

"Find an excuse for a celebration and book yourself a table at Vineet Bhatia London today"     Candid Magazine

"There aren‘t many restaurants quite like Vineet Bhatia, the freshly renamed and relaunched restaurant formerly known as Rasoi, nestled a stone‘s throw away from Sloane Square." 

"An amuse bouche of lime soup was served in a tumbler and heavily laden with lemongrass and turmeric that delivered an electric shock to the olfactory senses. It was served with a smoked prawn chaat smacking of chilli and coriander that arrived in a bell jar containing a nebula of wood smoke. As an introduction to the meal, it was masterful.” 

"However, the most enlightened marriage was between the unbridled elegance of a Peña Roble tempranillo and the duck korma. As we were approaching course number eleven we were running out of steam, however the mouthfuls on offer were entirely too delicious to leave unfinished, particularly a minute nest of crisp milk chocolate containing tamarind caviar, a sweetmeat dumpling and a painstakingly fashioned white chocolate feather.” Nick Savage - Innerplace

“…this is next level Indian cuisine. This recently-opened refurbished version feels like the culmination of the incredible, modern Indian cooking he’s made his name with. Incredible flair is also given to presentation with some of Vineet’s creations looking like they belong in a Bollywood remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Nowhere else in London is cooking food quite like this, so come see what the fuss is about.”    Velocity Magazine – Adam Duxbury

"This smart-but-unassuming townhouse on a quiet street off the Kings Road houses Vineet Bhatia London – where the eponymous chef-restaurateur conjures up his vision of intricate Indian-influenced cooking in a uniquely homely and intimate setting. There's delicious prawn chaat, which arrives in a tiny bell jar; jet-black Amritsari haddock that's as delicate and flavoursome as it is pretty; and beautifully cooked cod with a squid ink wafer. The savoury items set high standards, and the desserts more than live up to them, especially the chocolate cure"     Foodism

“Next level Indian. This is duck korma. But not as you know it”. Olive Magazine – Tony Naylor

“The progressive Indian restaurant in the heart of Chelsea by Vineet Bhatia” The Riverside Journals

"Any concern I had about the chef cooking up cleverness and barely nodding his cap to flavour was totally dispelled in the first course. Smoked prawn chaat was a shot of happiness, a little glass of prickly heat that continued to spread on the tongue after eating, deliciously so.

A pitch-perfect dollop of raan (pulled, spiced lamb) came out on an uttapam (rice pancake) that had perfect elasticity. That piece of meat should make the grill chef feel deservedly self-righteous. There is no other raan in London that touches it.

VB’s is blessedly free of fancy-schmancy foams and vapours, and weird test tube ingredients that make you wonder if you’re eating chemicals. It’s just spine-tinglingly fabulous food. Anyone cribbing about the prices is looking for false economy – it is well worth it for a special occasion. And, I definitely won't be forgetting Vineet Bhatia's name ever again.”     Fork & Spoon

"The careful selection of ingredients, cooking techniques and often elaborate styling of each dish, combine to create the feeling that Vineet is bringing more to the table than just food – he wants diners to delight in the total experience. And delighted we were"     Good Things

"The food here is very visual as well as exciting for your taste buds; it’s a totally stimulating experience where traditional flavours are turned on their head to reflect Vineet’s global travels which have been incorporated into the menu. This is like no Indian restaurant you’ve ever been to before.”     The Handbook

"Expect stunningly presented gastronomic artwork, with the added delight that when you pop it in your mouth, rather than tasting like any other fine dining establishment, the flavours take you straight to the streets of India."     Travelpig

"Bhatia's restaurant appeals on many fronts: the cooking, the wines it offers, the style of service, and, perhaps best of all for anyone like me with a sweet tooth, the desserts"     Jancis Robinson

"Vineet Bhatia’s expertly concocted tasting menu offers food that continues to showcase his renowned cooking skill, alongside acting as another step towards further pioneering food with Indian influence"     The London Economic